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go here opcje binarne złotówki I've decided to rename Diablo 2 to 'Collect Stuff 2'. This is because: a. You collect stuff. b. You collect more stuff. You occasionally kill stuff too, but this is primarily in the process of collecting stuff and serves little further purpose. Theoretically they should have called it 'Kill Stuff to Collect Stuff 2', but that wouldn't have worked for marketing reasons. So, Collect Stuff 2 it is. opzioni binarie gabbia go to link Now I want to play Collect Stuff 2. Collecting stuff is a very addictive thing and the urge to do so is great. But ever since the summer I've been working at home on my secret project and comics, and this is taking its serious toll of my hands. They ache. It is coming to the same point I was on a few years ago when I decided to cut back on working on the computer quite drastically. I'm afraid I'll need to do that again now, which means no more Collecting Stuff. 2 or otherwise.
A new year means new instalments of popular Dutch conventions about manga, anime and Japanese culture. Traditionally I've gone to the autumn convention Abunai and not to the spring convention AnimeCon. A seemingly unrelated event is the release of the movie Final Fantasy Advent Children, of which I talked earlier. These two come together by means of an aforementioned deformed man in a wheelchair clothed in amorphous white cloth. I never really had an appropriate thing to cosplay as during conventions, you see, but this man-in-wheelchair? I'd like to dress up as him and visit a con. Now here's the catch:

I never go to the con in spring, because it's crazy more expensive than the other one. But there's a group going in Advent Children costume play there, and I want to go with them because I'd fit in beautifully. Now I'm saddened, because I won't go on account of having no intention to pay such crazy amounts for any convention. I may cosplay as wheelchairman on the autumn-con, but I run the risk of being a second-best thing because the newness and originality of an Advent Children dress-up has already expired. But I guess it can't be helped.

That said, I'm pretty happy with this episode of August. It's not necessarily that funny, but I deem it qualitative. Worthy of Year Two, both on a narrative and visual front. Right, I have nothing more to say at this junction. It can't be helped!äre-optionen-einsteiger Roderick.