28 June 2006

Long ago, I swore an oath... Actually, it was a few days ago and my actual reaction was 'yeah, yeah...', upon the stern and somewhat threatening remark of roommate Tom that August had been pretty late over the course of the past few weeks. Still well within the confines of the appropriated day, but not as per usual at 8 o' clock sharp (Dutch time). And so Tom was missing an important part of his daily start; the part that may or may not keep him going, mentally, when reaching those difficult hours in the late afternoon and work is still to be done. Or in this particular case; when lying in a bed playing games and the position starts really straining your neck.

Evidently, this farce could not easily continue and I had to prove that I could still deliver an episode at a sharp time despite my struggles with the frail muscles in my arms (and a deliberate attempt to settle down with my work ethic and relax a little). And so I bring you; episode 179, right on schedule! Do not be fooled by its mere two panels; this is just as much work to draw as an episode containing a multitude. Especially with bigger close-ups like here, one needs to draw thicker lines and that takes more time. The added danger is also that some of the spontaneity of the lines goes away since a single stroke of the pen will no longer suffice for any of them. The horror!

The reaction of people to the demise of the Lipfish was interesting. I think everyone knows that I have absolutely no problems killing off characters hither and thither, like they were mine to exhaust; a commodity of sorts; a resource so readily available that no qualms should be had burning through it like there were still cubic kilometres of it resting under the ground. And the Lipfish in particular met with a generally warm reception (interesting note: since putting him in the story I discovered several instances in other tales in which a similar bug-eyed and cross-eyed and thick-lipped fish (possibly floating!) appeared; for instance in the very cartoon show I posted the lyrics of a few weeks ago: Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors. The webcomic Stuff Sucks features one as well, albeit not talking out loud and incapable of escaping the watery domain of his fishbowl prison). Killing him off then was something a few people were shocked about. When I stated that there could obviously be more Lipfish hanging around on the ship and this was only one of the species, this was met with indignant cries or protest. Apparently I make it all the rage to produce duplicate characters after destroying the first.

Who could argue against it? Still, the Lipfish is too amusing to let go so easily. First, however, we have an army of Brawnfish to plough through. Though their war must wait a little longer yet. Terrible campaigns are in store however; with many a splattering and smattering of fish entrails over the staunch fields of battle. Though this saga of Abraham Jacques and his rising madness is nearly ended, not yet have we seen the last of him and his oceanic friends.