30 April 2005

Everyone strap yourselves tight and grab a railing or two, because we're setting sail! Destination? Why, that momentous and historically important (just wait and see in two hundred years when webcomics are the main form of art) first [hopefully] annual Netherlandic webcomic convention Clickburg! YAH!

Tomorrow we drop anchor in Tilburg on what is sure to be a beachhead with purest white sand of pleasantly warm quality. I will be there with the Official Captain August Crew, consisting of two faithful zealots and yours truly. We will be taking place behind a stand filled with August-delight (two cardboard figures and some prints really) and serving you with your every inquiry. Meanwhile, one of our certified snipers will take to the shadows, utilizing intricate ventilationsystems to stealthily sabotage the competition! Excitement and thrills are abundant, as you never know who will suddenly slump to the floor like a ragged doll in bleeding fashion this time!

All is not laid-back relaxation however, as there will be a spinetingling presentation of August the Movie, premiering for the first time for a casual, non-dedicated public! Measure their reaction by the amount of bananapeels or thorny roses they cast on stage! Maybe a toiletroll, in case someone had mistaken it for a nightly run of Rocky Horror? A guaranteed laugh. Then, when you're done laughing, stop by at the stand again to buy one of my books! Why not Blighted Sun, that dark and infinitely entertaining receptacle of mirth I made for Goldfish Factory? We have a whole box reserved especially for this sunday. And if you think that's not enough, why not request a random August-doodle, drawn live on the spot? I may have a donation canister that I'll casually push in your general direction when scribbling, but that's as far as I'll go. The rest is up to you. And that's exactly what it's about. Responsibility. Care. For the world. Together. August.

This sunday -now I'm not promising anything- I have heard that our actions will bring forth the G?tterdammerung. But you can't quote me on that. All I'm saying is: be there, in Tilburg. Or miss out and NEVER get this chance again!!*

I will dedicate a whole page of the strip to anyone who dresses up like August, Nuch, Janosh or a Space Grog Vending Machine on the con.

*At least not for another year. Maybe less.