06 July 2005

I have failed at your entertainment. Clear and simple. All this time I?ve been professing a certain theory about what makes a story good, and look how miserable a job I?ve done myself.

What am I talking about? Look through the 80something pages I?ve given you. How many explosions are in there? Two? Three? Let me sum this up: EIGHTY-PLUS pages, with only TWO or THREE explosions in them! How could I have let this happen? Where did I slip up? I?m afraid I?m going to have to fill the next twenty pages with nothing but gratuitous explosions just to even out. Just to bring balance to the Force, so to speak.

I still can?t believe how George could let Darth Vader go from the Ultimate Sci-Fi Badass to the Ultimate Sci-Fi Tool in the galaxy.

I think I may have to pull some stunts to ensure August?s continuity in the next two months. As long as I?m in Germany it?ll all be okay, but as soon as I get back I?ll be ensnared by moving to new home, vacations, restoring the massive damage to my social network brought by months of solitude, celebrating my birthday in typical under-the-radar manner, whilst at the same time trying to reap as much presents as I can. Busy times. So I should work ahead an episode or eight, just to be on the safe side. What a job! The amount of love I get from August makes everything alright though.