see url 24 December 2005

ما ÃÆÂ%9 go site I had my sore wisdom tooth pulled last Wednesday, and it was an, if not awesome, at least interesting experience. The pulling itself didn't hurt at all because I was totally drugged (well, my jaw at least) and it was over before I even had the chance to chant a distracting song in my head to calm myself. And there it is; the end to a fairytale of pain that lasted two weeks. I hope I won't have to go through this again for a while, but since I said the same thing a year and a half ago, you can't ever be sure. I'll just have to stay vigilant. opzioni digitali sistema vincente source Right, OUT with the teeth-problems, IN with other depressing news: Clickburg 2006 has been cancelled! Clickburg was one of the main August events this year, where many people were introduced to the webcomic. It was its only physical outlet, and now that has gone. Which kind of stings, don't you think? Clickburg was the Dutch webcomic convention that was supposed to be held every year, but apparently it didn't even get to its second instalment. I'm not angry at the people who have decided to pull the plug -because they're entitled to some free time as well-, but it's just a depressing thing nonetheless. I was really looking forward to having a stand there next year. In fact, ever since the first Clickburg this year, I had been planning wild new things with uniforms and even more decorum and merchandise. That's all down the drain now. Really a pity. Of course I could visit the regular comic conventions here, but they're still not very open to webcomics, and it was nice to have something where you were really on your place and that was devoted exclusively to your branch. I lament its passing, but let's hope there'll be a new edition the year after that! www operazioni binarie go Roderick.