27 November 2004 Captain August, The Animated Movie is coming along rather handsomely. I still have a whale of a job in front of me, but the soil has been tenderized and is ready to be constructed upon. I made a storyboard depicting the major shots and scenes of the movie, all drawn in follow site August-style of course. And with these setpieces in place, I feel comfortable discussing the topic a bit further.

As you may know, I'm learning Animation at the art academy and we got a new assignment for this semester, to create a remake. We had to choose an artist we admire and make something in the vein of his work, or reinterpret it, or whatever you wanted. It was a very broad, free assignment. I chose the artist opcje binarne porady Rosto, a Netherlandic animator and allround creator. He makes, amongst other things, very powerful short movies which you really have to see to believe. His crowning achievement to date is the movie The Rise & Fall of The Legendary Anglobilly Feverson; an insanely animated masterpiece which invites the viewer into the warped world of Rosto and his ongoing interactive online webcomic Mind My Gap.

Taking a look at the crux of Anglobilly, I understood that there were many overlapping points between it and Captain August, thematically speaking. It was quickly decided that I should grasp this opportunity to design an animated August-movie around this schooljob, and in the process enrich the world of the comic. A win-win situation for all, to say the least!

August-purists need not worry; I will make no compromises toward this supposed 'remake' of the work of Rosto. It's not necessary -the two already have see url so much in common. If I were to make an movie without this overlord assignment hovering above it, it would look very much the same. And if anything, the guidance I receive on school will help lift this project to higher stratospheres!

So far I've designed a movie based on a handful of scenes and I estimate it to have a length of about go site four to five minutes. I'm using a mixture of various animation principles but taking special care to merge them to form one block of nigh-seemless animation. The binäre optionen ab 5 euro ka gratuitous dialogue that I've written so far is most definitely up to par with everything you've seen in the comic, and even takes it up a few notches in sheer eccentricity. Due to the timeframe in which I have to complete this you shouldn't expect full-blown Disney-standard animation. I'm going to act like all lazy animators and use my frames as sparingly and economically as I can, without it diminishing the whole. Cross your fingers that I'll succeed.

And if all goes well, you'll see the premiere soon enough, here on watch Captain August!