source site binäre optionen traden lassen 12 July 2008 First of all; yes. That is a girl. There is now a girl, officially, in the August universe. Your prayers have been heard, my children! The long exclusive reign of sausages is over, though I never really considered any of the characters as decidedly genderifically inclined one way or the other. They conformed to male stereotypes simply because it's the easiest way to express my male soul. But neither the themes nor the sense of humour nor anything was particularly 'male' or 'female'. I just write and draw what I like and anyone is free to latch onto that. But there nevertheless arose a justified clamour that there were too little women involved and now I aim to remedy that. I hope she appeals to your Burtonesque sense of sweetness. It's what I'm shooting for. go here I woke up in the bathtub the other day and realized what my next cosplay would be. After spending my entire conscious life aping the good man, quoting him and reveling and shivering in his wake, it is decidedly weird that I never thought of actually dressing up as him until now. I'm talking of course of the clown prince of crime, the ace of knaves, that devilishly stylish criminal madman Joker. And the Dark Knight premiere is just the occasion! I'm going all out and will attempt to do a Heath Ledger Joker (as opposed to, say, a Cesar Romero Joker, which would entail growing a moustache and then painting white over it, which I'd be inclined to do for sheer authenticity). He's amazing. It's the grimiest, scariest Joker ever. There's not even the pretense of jocularity: this guy means business. His clothing too, look as if he stumbled onto a thrift store clothing rack and came out on the other side fully dressed in whatever stuck. follow I attempted to do the same thing, but was sorely disappointed. Local thrift stores carry surprisingly no long purple coats, which I had expected there to be in abundance. An abundance of zero, that is. The rest of the costume is pleasingly positioned between 'almost undoable' and 'not in a million years', so that's good. I'll just scrounge that up here and there. I actually have the socks already, which I ordered online long before this great idea. Then I bought a pair of pants which I mean to dye purple. The rest will fall into its place of itself. It always does. That and through hard, painstaking work.

But I'll get there, and on the premiere I'll rock people hard. Maybe not in full costume already (that'll surely come on the conventions after that), but at least 'interrogation' style. I've already designed some defaced Harvey Dent campaign buttons. Let's put a smile on that face of yours!

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