come investire i propri soldi watch 12 July 2006

quali sono le migliore societÃÂÂÆâ list of regulated binary option brokers There have been some really, really, really disturbing events that have happened over the weekend that upset me into not working on Captain August properly. Since a couple of weeks, we have taken a few cute little kitties into our home. But it appeared that our furry friends carried a volatilitäts strategie binäre optionen viral, highly contagious fungus on their skin that immediately took root on all of us in the house. Binary trading bonus no deposit brokers 2018 Now we're all running with itchy, large, multiplying red rings of rash on our arms, legs, faces, shoulders, How to get a home loan without job history fucking everywhere and needless to say my appreciation of our adorable animal pals has gone down a few serious notches. Since I know that my roommates still appreciate them, I will tolerate them in this house. But I'm not going to touch those containers of infection ever again. I opened up to a pet for the first time in my life; I showed trust in an animal for once, and my reward is a nasty infection. You may say it's a fluke, an unfortunate turn of events, but I don't care. I am under no obligation to be reasonable about this. Run from me, filthy beasts! How dare you taint me with your fetid diseases. It's click over.

On a positive note, I got dreadlocks. Err, I had dreadlocks done. I, err- I dreadlocked up. I don't know how you say this. After three years I was sick of my old long curly hair and I took the step of taking dreadlocks, like roommate Tom (who amusingly is close to shaving them off and then taking an afro, which is awesome). I convinced my mom to make them, as it's ridiculously expensive to go to a salon to do it and it's really not that complicated. It just takes a helluva long time. Partway through the procedure, when we had done half of my head, we decided that the strands were too thick. So we took them out again on the spot, which was opzioni binarie 50 centesimi massively annoying, and both of us lost heart. But then we picked up again and did it right. It looks really OK now, but it'll take another month or so before it all nice and dready.

Damn, my skin is itchy. I have an ointment to rub on it, but it's still really bugger. Damned cats. Do you know how hard it is to concentrate on a page when you feel like tearing the skin of your arms off all the time?

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