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opcje binarne czy mozna na tym zarobic I promise you, next episode will be all rosy and dainty again. None of that glum business with killings and poking outs of people's eye. Next time: merriness and joy and gaiety and good old times in fluffy fields with banquets of laughter and giddiness to fill the end of days. go to site go here And just as life would have it; bang, my quarterly infatuation with Morrowind ended again. Phew, the play is over and I can resume my life. I always have that somewhere every half a year: a moment when I can do nothing but play Morrowind obsessively, and then from one day to the other, for no reason whatsoever, it ends and I've achieved normality again. Strange, no? I was even right in the middle of a character I just started. But, not following the main storyline (because that I did with the previous one), I lacked a sense of deeper meaning and lost motivation. I hope that Oblivion will feature more of a sense of purpose even when you're just dicking around in some go ugly goblin's cave. here I'm continuing work on my adventure game tentatively named Ebony Marshall and it's increasingly shaping up as the second coming. Or maybe the forty-fifth coming. But a rather welcome coming, in any case. I'm going to stop talking about comings now before this whole thing takes on a raunchy quality and people start accusing me of seduction of the innocent. Suffice it to say that, should it ever see the light of day, Ebony Marshall will bring a few nice twists and turns to the familiar playground of the adventure genre.

And hey, even if it doesn't; it'll still be better than a sharp finger in the eye -and trust me, August sites de rencontre français gratuit knows. Roderick.

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