SERENITY come esercitarsi con le opzioni binarie su iphon 16 November 2005

source I can't believe it! Only last week I wouldn't have dared to dream that Serenity would appear in Dutch theatres, and today I booked tickets for me and my friends for next thursday; the premiere! go to site And not just anywhere, but in the best cinema in our little country: Utopolis in Almere. It's the only digital cinema in the land, has massive screens and simply radiates a terrific and classy experience. I've watched such beautiful movies as The Incredibles and Revenge of the Sith there (it's rather new, you understand), and now Serenity. Who'd have dared dream! click here forex copier service Impatient, roommate Tom was already downloading the movie, nihilistically predicting it would never see the light of day here anyway. But as soon as I told him this joyous news, he obviously forgot about his download. We're seeing it in style! Hopefully the audience will be just as much fan as we are, and they'll be super-quiet and all appreciative and contemplative about it. So I was tremendously geeking out this weekend when I discovered this, and scaring my girlfriend Mon with my unapologetic enthusiasm. This, and many other things such as watching Conan the Barbarian and the creation of some new drawings and paintings (to be viewed on my new and half-mocking Deviant Art-account, to be found under the name 'captainaugust') made that I had a weekend of the gods.

And I'm so crazy about Mon. She rocks my world.

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