son dakika forex haberleri 22 July 2006


donna guadagna con opzioni binarie source site An update on my skin infection. It has been about two weeks since I got an ointment to treat it and slowly, most of the red rings have faded away only to leave vague red patches which I assume is skin that's healing. A gross story follows. There are some of them that reacted to the treatment and formed little bubbles of what I supposed was air underneath the skin, and they are keen on staying. They've now become a bit reddish and I am unamused with them. Okay, that may not have been too gross, but talking about this is sure to get the squeamish- err, even more squeamish. go to link I can't really talk about games at this point, because I'm hardly playing anything (my regime, remember?). I've been seriously neglecting both Animal Crossing and Brain Training. I occasionally play AC with Mon over the Wi-Fi network but that's about it. Furthermore, downstairs roommate Michiel is playing through Final Fantasy 9, which is a game that has managed to enthrall even me with its wonderful fairytale design and imaginative characters (pity about that enter goddamned overworld that rips up the immersion and atmosphere, which is really the big flaw of genre and I'm amazed that the designers have never done away with it out of what I assume most be conservatism). At the same time, a few rooms across, roommate Jasper is still tackling World of Warcraft and I keep watching from the shadows, waiting until I feel confident enough to begin myself. Lastly, roommate Tom is probably not playing anything at all, because he is on his long-awaited trip to San Diego to visit the massive comic convention there. It was his dream for years and I'm happy for him that it's finally happening. My newest weapon in the battle against RSI is the Powerball that I bought. It really gives my arms and hands a snappy workout and if anything it's a mental relief. It feels good to be doing a bit of exercising. The thing has a knack for frustrating me though, as I sometimes can't for the life of me get it to work. The Powerball works with gyrating motions and you have to get it going pretty fast before it maintains its velocity. It's a tricky thing and it took a while before I knew how to do it exactly, with plenty of frustration ensuing.

My last topic is the books I bought and am now reading. The semi-philosophical books, or at least interesting books, remember? As far as reading this summer goes, I've read The Prince, The Republic, Moby Dick, Harry Potter 5, Dr. Faustus, Warcraft: The Last Guardian, The Symposium/Phaedrus and now I'm absorbing Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time. So, plenty of diversity and plenty of books. I make it a rule to read at least a few pages every day, but now I've been painting a few portraits (the new one is up and you have to check it out on the forums! I'm a proud man!) it has come at the expense of the perusing of the written word.

So, that's my summer. How is yours?

here Roderick.