13 May 2006

Oh boy, where to start? Let's just start by saying that my enthusiasm for Nintendo's E3 press conference hasn't gone away yet. I'm watching it almost daily and I'm just really, really excited about it. Not just because of the rational reasons, like that the Wii is shaping up to really become a revolution in the gaming landscape, but more because of the vibe and surges of fun that erupt from that show. Of course I'm enthusiastic about the Wii, but what caught me is how much I loved seeing those crazy Japanese game designers dancing on stage and playing their crazy little games. It's a feeling that really hit me in the heart. And so, I am a fan, not out of ratio but out of feeling.

That was for all the people who thought my latest rant was a bit one-sided. It was an unfortunate side-effect to the way it was written, but that's water under the bridge. Let me instead point your attention to an interview that Stripel magazine held with me about Captain August, the new book and my nomination for the Dutch Clickie awards. You can read the interview here. Unfortunately it's Dutch, but you just have to pull the page through Babelfish to get a reasonably legible translation.

Things to talk about, things to talk about... apart from E3. Ha, I guess there's just nothing out there that can top it in our confined little quarters. See, I don't get out a lot and when you're in your room for days at an end and all you do is visit sites and forums -when you're not working- E3 is kind of the biggest thing in the world for a week.

And boy, did wonderful things get announced. Among the most interesting for the DS were Yoshi's Island 2, a new Kirby game and -a personal favourite- a new Castlevania which appears to become awesome in the extreme. For the Wii, excitement arose amongst others for Super Mario Galaxy (an unconventional setting, perhaps, but it seemed like a lot of fun to play), the game where you conduct an orchestra (indulge me!), Super Smash Bros Brawl (classic but therefore also not really innovative (but of course this isn't needed for each and every game)), Metroid Prime: Corruption (for the love of Shigeru; make this one less frustration near the end!), Rayman: Raving Rabbids (come on, did you see that trailer with the kids? Owned) and finally, Red Steel (of which I've heard reports that the controls need some tightening up if it wants to become truly stellar).

So that's a lot of goodness coming our way this very year. I forgot to mention Zelda: Twilight Princess. It's funny, but it's only now that I finally feel some enthusiasm for the title. Up until now I've been very cold about this game because it didn't really seem to offer anything new and the design of the characters was off-putting. But that's the case with all the titles on the Wii: stuff you normally wouldn't give a seconds' attention is all of a sudden highly interesting because of the unique way it is controlled.

It was as was said in an Idle Thumbs podcast on E3: even a game like Spongebob Squarepants transforms into an object of excitement. All it takes is a controller that looks like a remote.

(Did I mention you should visit the forums to spill your thoughts on E3? You know where to find the link.)