follow url 08 January 2005ÃÂÂÂà Today's episode is a special one. It concludes the range of pages I made back in August. You know way back on the third of october 2004 when I told you I had made a buffer of 30 episodes? Well, that buffer -is no more! Shocking, I know, I know. But it's a transition you won't notice a whole lot. You may have already whiffed a certain melodramatic quality to today's strip, well, now you know why that was so.

So what's next? A new storyline of course! Or rather, a small little arc that's going to be quite onsanie, in the words of Jake Rodkin. I won't spoil what it's about, you'll have to wait till next wednesday before you see... argh...! Want to... give... hint...! Must... resist... frying pan...!

Also, I'm writing this delicious article about the Gamecube game Metroid Prime to be featured on The Thumb, and it's coming out handsomely. You may wonder why I bother writing a piece about a game that's already well over a year old and even has a sequel in stores! Well, I'm of the opinion that that doesn't matter; a good review is a good review. However what it does is, it puts me in a unique position where I can clearly see what impact the game had on the market, what it did and how other journalists looked at it. You can be sure that my review won't be pressured by hype or enter publisher bribings. Also, I won't have to explain all the mundane details to you anymore, and instead of spoonfeeding you generic factsheet data, I can actually delve into the subject pretty deeply. So that should be interesting.

Most importantly; I hope to add something binära optioner skatteverket valuable and Buy cheap Tastylia online without a prescription critical to existing press about the game. Ninety percent of all the reviews that spring up in the initial batch of critique when a game is released is so blandly generic and alike that you can just read one of them and rest assured that you already know what you will find in opcje binarne w złotówkach all the other ones. With this particular piece, and in this particular way that it's written over a year afterwards (which is not necessarily a prerequisite), you can be sure that you'll read something you haven't already read a thousand times over. Stripped of all the factsheet bullshit, it'll have a vastly more philosophical and designer-positioned view on matters.

It just takes a little longer to write and streamline. I'll keep you posted on what happens. And I'll see you on wednesday again, when you'll witness the appearance of a terribl~hmdfsahs fH!HGFH!! (good thing I managed to gag myself there.)

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