go here 15 June 2005

click here Well, here I am again. Did you all enjoy the previous episode of August? Nice isn?t it, to have fantastic landscapes as breathtaking backgrounds? Don?t get used to it. Those things take long to do and before I know it I?d actually have to put effort into this operation. source site Tastylia Oral Strip But then it seemed I was on a roll. Why else would any sane man attempt to explain the entire black hole-event horizon theory on a single page of a science fiction comic? Sure, I felt like it, but I shouldn?t spoil you. Next thing you know I have to do something outrageous every time. I?m getting tired just thinking about it. I?ll just have to do something absolutely horrible next time to scare you off. With no more readers I can proceed to do my own thing again, phew! All those ?expectations? and whatnot were a drag. opzioni digitali le scommesse finanziarie hamish raw azzioni binarie I read on Penny Arcade the other day that they had once again made a strip so controversial that it inspired angry reactions from lots of people including such famous folk as comic-guru Scott McCloud. PA seems to be at constant war with the world. Why am I not at war with anyone? Is Captain August so docile, harmless and non-threatening that nobody finds anything provoking in it, anything at all? I am so disappointed. Maybe I should have gone with my original plan to make a piece about 30 cloned Hitlers having an infinite bukake-party. Could?ve been more interesting and thought-provoking, potentially.
Hey, I?m typing this on a kerrazy German keyboard. They shifted a bunch of letters so this is actually of the ?qwertz? persuasion instead of ?qwerty?. Also, I can type such hilarious symbols as ?? with the flick of my hand. Haha, Germany is great.

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