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see Yes, well, sorry for the delay on the previous comic. There was no malcontent on my part, I think I just made a mistake in uploading the new data. I thought I did it, but apparently not. After angry and heart-breaking calls from my dearest friends and my girlfriend I was notified of the situation, but couldn't address it because of my lack of internet at home. In a few weeks, troubles such as these will be history because I'll be able to immediately solve any problem. binär optionen cortal consors The only question is: does this break my untarnished record of creating the comic without delay? This is the first time the comic wasn't on the site on the designated day. But I did‬dan-11-sosyal-medya-dersi/?9_= trading online intesa san paolo create the comic on time. It was finished and right there on the server. It just wasn't published. What do the rules say about this? Well, flip the record. After a flawless year no one will blame me for some hiccups in tumultuous times as these. binära optioner handelsbanken follow url I have a problem. I will occasionally be in a mood for cake and canned whipped cream. Like on Wednesday this week. But when I buy it and eat a few morsels, I usually get so fed up with it that I'm left with at least three quarters of perfectly repellent cake. It doesn't matter that I know this beforehand. I still buy it, and it still happens. I do it anyway. I am STUCK in this LOOP! AAARGHGH!
Quickly, some gaming before I lose that audience too: Age of Empires III, the demo, is very nice. I like that they didn't make it a clone of part 2, which was set in medieval ages whereas this new version is all about the European colonization of America. Some of the immediately noticeable new things: Walls seem futile, or at least I haven't found the perfect use for them yet. In the last game I would always wall myself in and create a fortress, but this isn't so quick and easy anymore. Also, units can walk through a forest, so trees offer no more free protection. I think this creates a whole new game that's far more about having strategically placed units patrolling borders and quickly responding to an attack.

An addition is the outposts with which you can set up trade routes or establish a bond with Native Americans. This creates interesting meta-games. A significant change is that villagers no longer need to haul their asses back to a building to drop off resources. I kind of liked this aspect because it meant you couldn't just plunder away everywhere on the map, but this is nice too. Less of a burden. Something I found disappointing (but that may have been just the demo) is the apparent lack of research options. There seems less to research, and I have also yet to get a good feeling for the army units. Their statistics are very cluttered and difficult to read, so I don't have a clue which one is better or stronger or more suitable for what kind of attack. That's a shame because it makes it very chaotic and less tactical.

The biggest new addition is the hometown. Also as a game, Age of Empires III hugely benefits from this, because I'll now play games and matches just to gain experience and upgrade my hometown. I can name it and even name my own personal explorer that appears in-game as your most important unit. The hometown will provide you with riches and whatnot during play as you can ask for a shipment of men or resources from a deck of cards. If your hometown levels up you can expand this deck to create a strategic range to your liking. It's really quite fun. Even though I named my hometown 'Roderickopolis' and my explorer after myself. Which in retrospect is a bit embarrassing. So I won't even go there in the full game, which I now know to want.

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